Tuesday 31 December 2019

Two pictures for New Year's Eve, quite different orders of reflection put together.With a preliminary political note.

Exam question for 31 December 2019: please feel free to answer all or no parts.
It what ways might it be better for people living in this country to have a Labour leadership of two white, northern working-class straight women with opportunistic voting records that stagger the faculty of judgement than to have a person of colour who is not a 'left patriot'. Is this not racism writ large? Might the white on white ticket be no more than the narcissus reflection of Johnson+Mogg??? Can we go beyond this? (a one word answer is a good start)

thank you Guardian for this other name for criminal stupidity

Memorising history as the phantasm of, eventually, becoming queer or having become something other. (I spent so much time leafing through the French Architectural books of the 18th century, wondering what was being worshipped, then as now, so I made a series of little works of which this was one, a few years ago; turned up on an old drive. (Another a couple of posts below)

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