Saturday 3 May 2014

In the interests of getting going again on here....

Here is a film clip. I keep saying in presentations these days that, more often than not, what I have to say is a response to an image that its not an image of whatever it is that I want to talk about ... on the contrary it comes from elsewhere, but it configures some intricacies to think within and without the subject, to make it into a subject of kinds, or me into a subject of its becoming an object, of kinds. I'll start putting them up here, the tyranny of intellectual property law permitting - it is the great tyranny of our time, the repossession of possession, he stripping of rights from any but the already bloated with rights, just wait for the US/EU treaty soon-to-come, we will suffocate in its exigencies.
Anyway, I have not used this clip yet, but I will, it is lying fallow, the choreographed beauty of the gestures of hand and mouth, the turning around an impossible narrative that it about to end, or run out, it definitely offers a little method, a way of loosing oneself in some matter.. I guess. If I can get it to work, that is.