Sunday 8 September 2019

Immanent Technology ... More decolonising notes.

Headline Question

you know that
Bobby D
Om K
started using electric guitars 
more or less the same moment?

Did we know anything
the role of Nasser
in this?

When the below picture appeared in the press in 1966
suggested to Grandma 
she add it to her family album.

There was a Scopitone in a poor Arab Café in the
Rue du Roi de Sicile,
still active in the early '80s
with a Scopitone filled with films showing
history of Egyptian Popular Music from Om until that moment, from belly dancing to an Oud, but entre femmes, to gyrating rock boys, a vivid
image of technology, style, colonial effects and their adapting to local taste and desire.

the painter Jeffery Steele and I passed hours riveted before it, when we should have been tripping drearily around the Pompidou with our students.
Wonderful coffee and tea as well.

Ah well......