Wednesday 25 March 2015


This Friday I have renounced my presentation at CSM called 'Running with nuns', taking off from thiss frame of R W Fassbinder:
 Alas I fell prey to some horrible throat thing, and I will do it another time - but the nun bibliography is proving so interesting that I am glad for another few weeks to become a true dilettante on the matter. Of Course Teresa of Avila will be there, as well as Somerset Maugham's  version of her. But basically you will eventually see that this is another piece concerned not so much with nuns as such, but with my programme of enunciation via film citation.... but last Friday,

the Horror
as it happens an especially enjoyable evening at UCL on an evening, yet again, in these days, devoted to the aftermath of Civilisation in the manner of Kenneth Clark hosted the CREDOC, one of the many acronnamed university set-ups of these funding days. One of the Cs is Civilisation.
One of the things we forgot to talk about enough was precisely  the Horror.