Sunday 5 April 2020

What a bore ....

is too little, too early and too selfish, in quite a boring way, concerned with our entrapment while looking, with only distant horror, at the truly poor fleeing Delhi between starvation and doom.

safe tourism
in the ruins created by tourism
including the 
art tourism of biennales
and other pilgrims
the attrition 

Saturday 11 January 2020

More old pictures

Southsea Common circa 1985, from my flat
and from the sea, below:

Queering Atget,  Hรดtel de Beauvais on Rolleicord Vb plus montage of cruising on Quai des Tuileries via Canon 35mm with telephoto, c 1982

Leather Series, pace Mary Kelly, we were both at it, c 1983